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About Us


Soul Woven is a fair trade fashion collection connecting Mayan artisans to a wide market of conscious consumers. Our collection consists of beautiful authentic handmade pieces including unique boots and shoes, handwoven accessories, exquisite jewelry and more. 

Soul Woven values each artisanal piece as a form of wearable art. Each of these pieces tells a story representing and honouring the tradition of Mayan weavers and the history of Guatemalan creativity. We work directly with Guatemalan families, artisans and co-operatives, whose heritage is rooted in these creative traditions.

Soul Woven provides an experience that goes beyond shopping. We purposefully incorporate into our brand, the stories of the artisans, the history of Mayan weaving, and our overall collaboration process to engage and inform our customers via pictures, written word and video.

Soul Woven’s direct collaboration with the artisans ensures high quality products in return for fair wages. The promotion of these products to reach the larger market allows the artisans to gain independence as well as the ability to achieve self-sustainability. Soul Woven thus empowers consumers by providing the opportunity to make conscious, informed purchases by understanding our transparent and fair trade process. By promoting these opportunities we support independence for the artisans and empowerment for the consumer, weaving a web of conscious commerce.

Engage with soul woven and become a part of our woven web.